Substitute teacher writing activities

Language makes this PG for viewing. Each erased letter results in five minutes of lost recess time. Find the freebie here. Check out these emergency sub plans from A Love For Teaching. I created a FREE eBook that will walk you through the process of having your classroom sub-ready at all times.

It helps them to focus. My plan was Boggle. Erase one of the words and rewrite it - this time spell it wrong. There are sets for each grade level and require no prep other than printing and copying the pages.

Proximity is my best weapon for disarming mischief. Word search, crossword, and other printable word games are great when you need something to use in the classroom. Wait a sufficient amount of time, and then ask, "how many came up with seven.

Language makes this PG for viewing. Each time you catch a student being good, write his or her name on a flower and place it in a flowerpot or vase.

Ginger Snaps just shared the cuuuutest way to do this, with both primary and intermediate paper, and for free, too. See how many words they guessed correctly.

Never say anything negative about the school, teachers, or students. In other words, not very good behavior management which means subbing for them is a nightmare. Students use logic and deductive reasoning to guess a word.

Never fear—here are ten quick ideas for activities to do with students on the fly. I am always looking for a sub who can keep the class going while I am gone, instead of taking my chances with a random sub.

Let them help you. Tape the brick to a wall, and as each child comes up, keep adding to make an entire brick wall.

50 Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Substitute Teachers

Small Activities for the Unexpecting Substitute Whether you are a substitute teacher whose lessons fall short of filling up the day or a permanent classroom teacher whose days involve lots of little transitional moments, these lessons will work for you.

There are rooms. Chances are the guest teacher will be a professional who will do a stellar job, but preparing for the opposite end of the spectrum will help to ensure things will run smoothly in your absence.

K-5 Students play a game in which they practice timed math activities. Just click Word Wizards Think of a word that has to do with something your students are learning or an up and coming holiday. Add in additional information that will be helpful.

Leave a full report about what you did and did not cover as far as lesson plans are concerned. Use riddles that stretch the brain to think hard. Distinguish yourself by leaving a professional business card with your report each time you sub for someone new, like this one.

This is especially important with younger kids. It can be played as a whole class, teams, or small groups. Tape the brick to a wall, and as each child comes up, keep adding to make an entire brick wall.

10 Quick Lesson Ideas for Substitute Teachers

I am always looking for a sub who can keep the class going while I am gone, instead of taking my chances with a random sub. If any major negative episodes occur, write down what happened and also fill in another teacher or the aide.

Repeat the process for all days. As the class has their heads down say, "Oh my, something looks wrong - all spelling detectives raise your heads and see if you can tell me what word is not spelled correctly.

If you are a substitute teacher, chances are you bounce around from grade to grade, and sometimes even between different schools. While some teachers take the time to plan your day for you, or at least have lesson plans and materials ready in a folder for any.

For additional tips and great activities for substitutes (or any teacher), see Substitute Survival: Tools You Can Use. Substitute teacher Peg Arseneaux digs into her personal "substitute survival kit" to share ideas with Education World readers!

Click on the lesson headline below to. 40 FIRST GRADE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER ACTIVITIES. Print and Go Sub Plans ~ Reading ~ Writing ~ Word Study ~ Math and Science.

These REUSABLE activities are great for everyday use too!4/5(). This article provides substitute teachers with numerous great ideas that they can use when they are left with no lesson plans.

Substitute Teacher Activity Packet and Worksheets

The activities in this lesson are organized by age level and designed to support substitute teachers. The Purpose of Substitute Activities Being a.

Emergency Sub Plans for Elementary can be quick and easy with no prep worksheets, an organization binder, and templates. If you need ideas for substitute teacher activities for math, science, social studies, reading, or writing (ELA) then you will love this post.

Substitute teacher writing activities
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