Write as a fraction 30 48 weegy answers

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How do I convert 2 hours and 35 minutes to a fraction?

I am 21 years old, about to graduate, and I am still a virgin. Using canceling to simplify problems Sometimes you might have to solve problems like this: That's because 2 can be divided by 1 twice.

We multiply the denominator by 2. In other words, we'll need to divide three by one-third. My issue is, I had met the right person, he was an unrequited love and the only person I wanted to be Write down the number as a fraction of one: Let's look at an example with mixed numbers before we go.

Solving division problems with fractions Now that we know how to write division problems, let's practice by solving a few. You will find Now we'll multiply the numerators.

There are times when it will be useful to multiply fractions too. Well 12 goes into 36 three times. So that's why we're saying those two fractions are equivalent. Television, magazines, and newspapers often quote statistics in their presentations. Simplify or reduce the fraction if it is not in the simplest form.

Usable fraction to decimal inches and millimeter conversion table fraction. All we did is multiply the number by 1 and we know that any number times 1 is still that number. Step 1 First, look at the numerator of the first fraction and the denominator of the second.

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write the fraction in simplest form 36\48

This is called finding the reciprocal, or multiplicative inverse, of the fraction. Our problem looks a lot simpler now, doesn't it.

My reason for celibacy has not to do with religion and has more to do with wanting to save it for the right person. And instead of eating one piece, this time I actually ate 2 of the 4 pieces. Well, to go from 12 to 36, what do we have to multiply by. First, we'll divide our top number on the left:.

30 40, and all of these fractions are exactly the same as 3 4. Write 7 as a fraction in five different ways. 5. How many thirds make 5 whole ones?4, 72 9. turnonepoundintoonemillion.com 6 c mathcentre Answers 1.

Any equivalent fraction where both numerator and denominator have been multiplied by the same number. 2. 1 8 18, Decimal Fractions A decimal number is another way to write a fraction with a denominator of a multiple of ten, (i.e., denominators equal to 10; ; 1,; 10,; etc.) To convert a fraction with a denominator of a multiple of ten to a decimal, read the fraction and write as a decimal number.

Example: 10 7 3 Example: 15 Fraction Word Problems Practice Questions 1. Subtract. Write your answer in lowest terms. 2. Covert % to a fraction. Write your answer in lowest terms.

3. Find the square root of. 4. In a school with students, three-sevenths of the students are boys. Answer Key. 1. B. First rewrite the fractions with a common denominator. The least. WRITING FRACTIONS IN SIMPLEST FORM. PRACTICE (online exercises and printable worksheets) This page gives an in-a-nutshell discussion of the concepts.

Want more details, more exercises? Answer: $\frac{1}{3}$ In the exercises below, you will input fractions using a forward diagonal slash.

Math Problems: Expressing Answers in the Simplest Form. Fractions. 1. 25/30 The answer is 3/6 with a GCF of Radicals.

1. Square root of The answer to this problem is 10 square root of Begin by breaking down into 33 xso the problem should look like this: square root of (33 x. Sep 09,  · Write each ratio as a fraction in low- est terms.

30 feet to 60 feet 45 mph to 25 mph $36 for 4 lbs of shrimp Write each rate as a fraction in low- est terms. 48 gallons in 14 mins 21 females to 51 males $ for 36 potatoes 72 correct answers out of 96 questionß 3 f— Worksheet #19 Proportions Write each proportion.

Write as a fraction 30 48 weegy answers
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Reduce 30/48, Simplify 30/48 to its simplest form